Capability assessment and organisation redesign:

What are your own greatest strengths and are you maximising them? What are the capability gaps that you are covering yourself?

You’ve made it this far – you can do it all and you know every nut and bolt in the place. You’ve built every process and you are the hub at the centre of the wheel. But you’re stretched. Everything is getting done, eventually and you’re finding that you can’t get anything done to the standard you want to and you know you’re capable of.

Let DHRA help you build the capability to take that next step. Build a structure that supports you by supporting itself. Why did you start this business in the first place? Are you spending most of your time on the areas that you add the most value? Or are you fighting fires?

Are you the best person to be selling your story? Then let us help you focus on that, rather than operations headaches. Or perhaps you really do just prefer to stay in the centre of the operations action, but you need some help getting your product to the market – we can help there too. We have the runs on the board.

Business continuity and Operations support/executive management leave cover:

When was the last time you or your key people were able to take a break from the business? Are you prepared to cover your own time in the event of an unexpected absence?

The business is your world, you are the heart of soul of the enterprise. That isn’t going to change. But how are you placed to cover unplanned absence from you or one of your key people? Do you need a hand to build a plan for operating in the event of an unplanned interruption? DHRA can help.

And when was the last time you actually took a break? Either to get away from it all and have a holiday, or even just to step out of the business to work on the business? DHRA can help provide executive cover and operations management to give you that time out.

Project delivery:

Are there projects in and around your business that you know you need to deliver successfully to take that next step? Do you have the skills, or the time to deliver them successfully?

DHRA has been brought in by clients to help deliver those projects that they need to get done to take their business to the next step. We have worked on systems enhancements (both physical and ICT), dispatch and warehousing and sales and distribution modelling and execution.

Derek Robinson has an extensive track record in project management: from scoping to execution and benefits tracking. Have confidence that we have the skills to complement your in house capability.

In some cases, assistance with the cost of bringing in an expert to deliver these business enhancements is available. DHRA has delivered projects to improve business outcomes and our clients have been able to take advantage of the assistance on offer – ask us if we can help you.

On the ground process review:

Are your processes supporting your people and are your people delivering those processes effectively?

When was the last time you looked at that process that’s causing you pain and assessed it against its objective? Why do you do it that way? Is there an opportunity to do it in a way that reduces cost or improves revenue or output? Has the growth of the business meant that you’ve had to put a band-aid on just to get the product out the door?

Or are you considering taking that next step up in scale? How would your current structures support a 50% increase in sales? Do you know which systems would cope and which would struggle? DHRA has worked with clients to grow their capacity within tight operating budgets – in some cases accommodating business changing new corporate clients without increasing headcount.

And do you review your performance as a business and as individuals within it to make sure that your team are delivering? DHRA has helped clients define roles that support processes and the metrics to assess performance. We can help you too.

Playing with the big guns: major supermarket engagement:

Do you want to take your business to the next level and start supplying the major supermarkets? Do you know if you have the capability? Do you need assistance to get ready and then win that tender? Can you deliver when you do?

Are you ready to take on a major corporate client? Can you brand, systems and team support it? Have you got the funds to cope with that initial order? How do you go about assessing your own capability? DHRA can help you. And when you are ready, we have experience working as a project manager to smooth the way for both parties – dancing with a gorilla is a tricky business, so it’s reassuring to have someone on your side who has done it before.

Someone who is there to look out for your best interests and to work alongside you – from the initial capability assessment to the first contact with the client, the tendering process through to the delivery of the first orders and managing the logistics and operations support. DHRA can help you.

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